seeing the future, shape your career

Within the scope of our Erasmus+ K229 School Exchange Partnerships project entitled “Seeing the Future, Shape Your Career”, we held the short-term staff training event C3 “Teachers and Students Role in Education 4.0” in Sofia, Bulgaria between 20-26 February 2022. 134 Secondary School “Dimcho DEBELYANOV”, one of our consortium partners, hosted the meeting attended by teachers from Turkey, Italy, France and Poland.

We started the meeting with our host school’s presentation on the Bulgarian Education system and exchanged ideas about education systems. Afterwards, we worked on the new teacher and student roles brought by Education 4.0, a new understanding of education in the rapidly changing world with the effect of the Industry 4.0 revolution and the technologies it contains. The Bulgarian team made a presentation called “Teacher 4.0” on the changing teaching roles with Education 4.0. Then, the French team made a presentation on the new learner-student roles called “Student 4.0”.

We developed content and materials to be used in our local activities and dissemination activities, through group work after the presentations.

In order to contribute to our project activities, general manager of “Euroconsultants Bulgaria S.A. AD” Eugeniy Ivanov shared his experiences with us by making a presentation titled “Future Professions”. We would like to thank Mr. Eugeniy Ivanov, who contributed significantly to the main idea of our project and gave us a vision at many points.

We would like to thank the school principal, teachers and students of 134 Secondary School “Dimcho DEBELYANOV” for their warm hospitality.