seeing the future, shape your career

Expected Results

        The teachers are going to;

  •  acquire intercultural and social competence in communication with their European colleagues,
  •  cultivate their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship as well as team spirit,
  • get prepared for the updated roles of learners and teachers by having them adapt to the necessities and scope of the ‘Education 4.0’ initiative,
  • maintain their own professional development aware of the expected skills their profession is likely to require in future,
  • improve their digital skills and artistic sensibility by developing content for the multilingual website, YouTube channel, brochures etc.

        The students are going to;

  • acquire intercultural and social competences in communication with their European peers,
  • improve their understanding of EU and develop awareness of the rights granted by European citizenship,
  • acquire skills of 21st century as life & career, learning & innovation, information & media & technology.