seeing the future, shape your career

        Within the scope of our Erasmus+ KA229 project called ‘Seeing The Future, Shape Your Career’, we held the ‘The Latest Revolution of Industry 4.0’ webinar on 14.04.2021 at 07:00 P.M. Central European Time, with the participation of teachers from the countries involved in the project consortium. Mrs. Ovgu GUC, Bosch Production System & i4.0 Manager, participated as a speaker. The presentation informed the participants on what exactly Industry 4.0 is, its principles, the technologies it consists of and how it changes the production systems; along with the information given on emerging professions and the critical skills required. During the question & answer session; ideas were exchanged on such topics as sustainability, technology and environment and how to prepare our students for critical skills required for new professions.

        We would like to thank Mrs. GUC, Bosch Production System & i4.0 Manager, as well as BSH Turkey for sharing their knowledge and experiences by joining the webinar.