seeing the future, shape your career

Within the scope of our Erasmus+ K229 School Exchange Partnerships project entitled “Seeing the Future, Shape Your Career” coordinated by our school and funded by Turkish National Agency, we held the short-term joint staff mobility “Jobs of Future to Come” in Istanbul, Turkey between 16-22 October 2022. As Gumusyaka High School, we hosted groups of teachers and students from Italy, France, Poland and Bulgaria in our school and in our city.

As part of the project activities, we organized ice breaking activities and games in order for the student groups to socialize and get to know each other closely. In addition, as the Turkish team, we made a presentation on the jobs of the future and the critical competencies that these professions will require. The French team, on the other hand, carried out an introductory and group work on futuristic professions that will exist and are expected to exist in the future. The Italian team also made a presentation on the skills and competencies that will play a role in the employment of the future.

Besides the project activities, we organized a workshop promoting the art of marbling, the traditional Turkish paper decoration art, with the participation of our guests. We also organized trips to the historical places of Istanbul and Silivri, aiming to introduce the history of our country and our city. On the last day of the activities, we held a tasting event in our school with selections from traditional Turkish cuisine. And finally, we completed the activities with a concert consisting of Turkish and English songs prepared by the students of our school.

Thanks to Erasmus+ projects and the opportunities they create, the project activities are carried out much more efficiently with international cooperation, while the participating countries have the opportunity to get to know each other’s history, culture and art closely. Along with this cultural diversity and richness, the friendship bridges established between teachers and students bring us closer. We would like to thank the students and teachers of all consortium partner schools who participated in the event. We were honored to host you in our school and city.