seeing the future, shape your career

Within the scope of our Erasmus+ K229 School Exchange Partnerships project entitled “Seeing the Future, Shape Your Career” coordinated by our school and funded by Turkish National Agency, we held the short-term joint staff mobility “Skills for the 21st Century” in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, France, between 3-9 April 2022.

One of our consortium partners, Lycée Professionnel Pierre Mendès France hosted the mobility with the participation of teachers from Turkey, Poland, Italy and Bulgaria.The meeting started with the presentation “21st Century Skills” made by the French team.As we all know, in the rapidly changing world with effect of the Industry 4.0 revolution and the technologies it contains, the competencies and skills required by the professions of the future are also changing. It is crucial to comprehend the 21st century skills, one of the main topics of our project, and to give our teachers and students a vision in this regard. After the enlightening presentation of the French team, we conducted group studies on 21st century skills.

The Polish team, one of our partners, informed us about the digital version of Bloom’s Taxonomy, which is an effective tool that educators use to create lesson plans and tests to encourage critical thinking, in a presentation called “Digital Taxonomy of Bloom”. After the presentation, we exchanged ideas about Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy in group studies and activities.
As the Turkish team, we also made a presentation to dwell on the topic of “How to Create a 21st Century Classroom?”. In the presentation, we sought answers to questions such as how we should create our classroom environment and lesson plans in order to equip and develop ourselves and our students with 21st century skills. We exchanged ideas on changing teacher-student roles, learning environments and techniques.

After the presentations, we worked as a group to develop content and materials to use in our local and dissemination activities. With the help of the materials we developed, we carried out activities on 21st Century Skills with the students of the Lycée professionnel Pierre Mendès France.

We would like to thank the Lycée Professionnel Pierre Mendès France school administration, teachers and students for hosting us in the best way and all our participating institutions.