seeing the future, shape your career

Within the scope of our Erasmus+ K229 school exchange partnerships project entitled “Seeing the Future, Shape Your Career”, funded by the Turkish National Agency, we held the short term student and teacher mobility “C6 An Insight into ‘Futuristic Jobs’” between 12.03.2023 and 18.03.2023. ITCG Ferruccio Niccolini, our project partner, hosted groups of teachers and students from Turkey, France, Poland and Bulgaria in Volterra, Italy.

As part of the project activities, all the students of the participating institutions introduced the professions of the future, which are newly developing and not very known today. Presentations were made on which fields of education these new professions require and the skills and competencies required to perform these professions.

Moreover, a competition called “Let’s Create a Futuristic Job” was organized among the participating students. Students from participating institutions imagined a futuristic profession that does not exist today and introduced this profession. While the creative ideas of all student groups were highly appreciated by the participants, the competition jury declared all the contestants winners and a certificate ceremony was held at the farewell dinner at the school. Besides, ice breaking games were held at the school aiming to bring students together and certificates were presented to the students who participated in the games at the farewell dinner.

Students and teachers visited the Robotics Labs at S. Anna University (Pisa) to learn about the practices and developments in technology. With the participation of teachers and students, cultural trips were also organized to the cities of Volterra, Pisa and Florence.

On behalf of all participants, we would like to thank the administrators, teachers, students of our partner ITCG Ferruccio Niccolin, who hosted us in the best way possible, and the parents of ITCG Ferruccio Niccolini, who opened their homes to our students and welcomed them warmly.